Friday, November 30, 2012

Feature & Follow: Literary Crush

Disclaimer: I am currently blogging "on the go." Whenever I get home this afternoon, the plan is to spruce this entry up. Right now, it will be fairly basic.

Special thanks goes to Parajunkie and Alison Can Read for hosting such a wonderful weekly hop!

Q: Activity! Who is your to-die-for book crush? What do you think they look like? Add an image to make us all happy.

A: I would have to say, Matthew Clairmont from the Discovery of Witches. He has a sexy accent and loves Diana even though they are different species. Not to mention he has looks to die for, he's hundreds of years old, and loves children. Vamp and Witch love, gotta love it!

I will post pictures as soon as I get home! So who is your literary boyfriend??


  1. Great pick for the crush! Will be back to see the pictures. I am a new follower via GFC
    my FF

  2. Sounds amazing! I gotta read this books soon. :D

    New follower

    Here's my FF!

    ~Stephanie @ Bookfever

  3. A friend recently read the book and said something about Yoga and vampires, so I definitely plan to read it. And your post just makes me want to do that more. :D

    Patricia // My Hop

  4. I haven't heard of the discovery of witches, I'll have to look that up! Thanks so much for stopping by! I'm a new GFC follower :D

    -Novel Reveries

  5. I have not heard of this series, but I will definitely check it out on GR.

    New Follow via GFC

    Julie~ New Adult Addiction

  6. A Discovery of Witches has been on my reading list for far too long! You've given me one more reason to get on it ASAP :D Thanks for sharing - new follower via GFC!! Here's my FFF

    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows

  7. Outstanding pick!! I love the All Souls Trilogy and Matthew!


  8. Hi, from a new follower!

    Yet another new series for my TBR pile! :)

  9. Familiar with the book, but not familiar with the character. I'll take your word for it though. :)

    I’m a new follower by GFC. You can find my Feature and Follow here

  10. I haven't heard of this, but it sounds interesting :)
    You have a great blog btw!

    New Follower: Marissa @ For The Love Of Film And Novels

  11. I haven't heard of the Discovery of Witches, but it sounds good *I do love me some sexy accent*

    New follower (GFC, Twitter&Pinterest)
    My FF



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