Friday, September 20, 2013

Review: The Midnight Heir (The Bane Chronicles Part #4)

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I have had the opportunity to read each one of these and thought I would write a review while I am thinking about it.

Firstly, I absolutely love Cassandra Clare's writing style and thoroughly enjoyed The Mortal Instruments and the Clockwork Series. I am always the last person to jump on board of awesome series, but that's ok.

The Bane Chronicles is written by Sarah Rees Brennan and Cassandra Clare. I feel Sarah does a good job of keeping the heart and soul of Magnus' character. I started to fall in love with that character halfway through The Mortal Instruments series and I have really enjoyed reading these. The Midnight Heir was wonderful. It gave another look to Will and Tessa's life together and their child, James Herondale. I love how Magnus makes me laugh in these little glimpses into his life. The backstory is superb!

If you are a lover of the Mortal Instruments world, I would recommend you to pick up these novellas. They are only available online in e-book format (which is a little disappointing considering each one is 2.99, and there are 8 of them ($24 bucks total!). I feel that is a marketing scheme to get more money from the readers, but I digress. I can't complain too much because although I see through the ploy to earn more casholla, I am the fool who purchases them. Whenever the series is finished they plan to release a novel with all of the stories so you may want to wait until then, but I couldn't.

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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Although we are late, it's a new year!

Hello readers of the witchy world! We thought we would post a quick update to let you know that we are back from our small sabbatical. We did have many books in our to-read list. If your review has not been posted, it is because the reviewer decided to not review the book. This could be for several different reasons.

1. The reviewer did not particularly care for the novel.
2. The review had no substance.

Our goal is to post reviews that specifically list the most wicked and most redeeming qualities of a novel. Moving forward, we will be *very* selective in our review process. Honestly, we were so overwhelmed in the first few months that the five of us couldn't keep up with the requests. We do appreciate each author that gave us the opportunity to read their works.

Until future notice: please do not send e-copies of your book without it being approved. You will automatically be moved to the end of the pile. We have decided to read books that peak our interests and sending a novel with the assumption one shall read it, is not very nice. So please do not burden us with books we did not request.

Our goals for 2013 includes updating the look of the site and reviewing at least 52 novels. We do have a netgalley account and will be requesting novels to read once our TBR list has decreased a bit.

Thanks for sticking with us...

The witches are back! 

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