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Witchy Review: Bleeding Hearts by Ash Krafton


Title: Bleeding Hearts (Demimonde #1)
Author: Ash Krafton
Publisher: Pink Narcissus Press
Length: 370 Pages
Release Date: March 2012
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Misc: ARC
Kindle edition given by publisher in exchange for an honest review.


Sophie Galen is an advice columnist who is saving the world - one damned person at a time. Shy and sensitive Sophie has all but given up on love until she meets Marek, a mysterious stranger who seduces her with his striking good looks and his take-charge attitude. Yet the darkness she senses within him may be more than she is prepared to handle when Marek draws her into a world of vampires, werewolves, and treachery. Forced to leave behind the comfortable routines and certainties of her past, Sophie makes unbearable sacrifices and uncovers hidden truths about herself and the world around her.


Honestly, I did not know what to think whenever I was asked to review this novel. As you all know, I am a sucker for vampires and witches, so the synopsis was right up my alley. When I saw the cover, I was a little if-y. I know, I know, I shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but I did. Bleeding hearts?
At that point, I did not know what I was getting myself into. But, putting my bias aside, I read the first chapter and was COMPLETELY hooked. The authors voice is strong and I really loved Sophie's personality. I could relate to her sarcasm in awkward situations. Throughout, Mrs. Krafton's detail of mummies and Egypt reminded me of a lot of Deborah Harkness's writing style. If any of you have read the Discovery of Witches, you will know what I am talking about. I actually learned a few things from reading this novel, which was a nice surprise!

Krafton's descriptions are original and witty. She has a wonderful way of describing some of the simplest things, but with a twist. Her words put a smile on my face and brought me through an emotional roller coaster! I couldn't read it fast enough. Sophie's cat was such a great touch to the story. I loved that cat! Seriously!

Now on to the vampires: I really liked Ash's vampires. Like I said earlier, I love vampires! I had never read demivamps or full vamps. The way she described regular vampires was brilliant and disgusting all at the same time. Demivamps are pure sex and regular vamps are evil and nasty! Marek was a heart-throb and so was Rode, yes we are on a nickname basis. The club and screaming girls, was a great touch. It was different! Bravo, Ash! The best friend relationship with the priest was cute. I just imagined this kick ass hot priest the whole time, which I know I shouldn't, but I couldn't help it! Blame Ash for that! Also, I would like to mention that I was happy the letter thing was cleared up at the end. Phew. I did not know if that mystery would be solved!

Thank you for killing Donna off! teehee!

What I didn't really care for:
The Insta-love. To me, I felt like Sophie accepted Marek too quickly. In one chapter, we are meeting him outside of a cafe as a predator. In the next chapter, we are meeting him in the museum. I knew instantly it was the same person! Then in another chapter, they have been seeing each other for a few weeks. I wanted some sort of conflict or more conflict between them at the beginning.
I was happy when he warned her and forced her into the church but I felt like that was a little too late. If there would have been more conflict between then earlier, then build a trusting relationship, and end it how it was, I think their relationship would have had a stronger impact on me as a reader but that is just my opinion!

Not really a "didn't care for" but I did find a few typo's throughout the novel. I am not complaining, but am a close reader. It happens to the best of us. I received an ARC so my version may not be the most updated. Here is one that was close to the end.
Jared says "Leave Sophie go, or else." I think it should say Let.
Another was: "he turn away from the crowd and slumped slightly as he rested his elbows on the bar."
I believe it should say turned. :) Not trying to nitpick, just an FYI for the publisher incase they wanted to update those. There were a few others closer to the beginning but I don't remember them. Those stuck out because I just read them.


Overall, I REALLY enjoyed this one. I would defiantly read the second novel whenever it is released. Krafton is such a talented author and has such a wonderful way with words... her voice is brilliant! I loved her vamps and the depth she gave them. The world she created was original and intriguing. Would recommend this one to others. I am totally looking forward to seeing what happens next!

Witchy Rating: 4 Black Cats

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