Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Witchy Review: One by One by Phil Tucker

Title: One by One
Author: Phil Tucker
Published: Create Space March 22, 2012
Format: Purchased by Reviewer.
Awesome sentence structure. It was a refreshing read that didn't make me wish (only for a moment) that I was a pre-teen or YA fantasy reader just so I could relate to the author's motives.

The title refers to civilization disappearing one by one and how those remaining are left to cope. You'll read about a grieving son, a heartless dictator, and a faithful man of god. You'll read about commitments failing and relationships at their weakest and strongest and still wonder what is going to happen in the end. Though you really know what's going to happen in the end.

Many refer to this novel as Post-Apocalyptic but I feel that gives the plot an unnecessary and unfair expectation of a grandiose resolution. And depending on your style of imagination, you may or may not find what you're expecting. Therefore, I am 100% happy with the last two chapters of the book. The final sentence should've been nothing else. If you like reading books that simply tell a story and won't bog your reading hours down by page after page of world-building, and if you like to constantly try to figure everything out, especially with the plot being seeded in reality, the this novel is for you.

Witchy Rating: 5 Black Cats

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